Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Forte – Penis Vacuum Pump

Phallosan Forte ReviewPhallosan Forte is a penis vacuum pump system that is backed with over ten years of production and experience in penis enlargement and straightening systems. Phallosan uses revolutionary vacuum protector technology and is the only patented orthopedic belt system worldwide.

The Phallosan Forte is a fast track system to gaining the desirable penis enlargement and curvature correction you wish to achieve and giving you the enhanced quality of life and confidence you’ve always wanted.

The Phallosan Forte penis vacuum pump system uses a vacuum technology that encompasses the entire penis unlike other type systems that begin with tension behind the glans. Phallosan is categorized by the EU health authorities as being a class 1 medical device and carries the CE symbol of proof.

Phallosan Forte Is Recommended For:

  • Penis curvature correction or (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Post treatment of prostate surgery
  • Small Penis
  • Subjective penile deficiency
  • Buried penis (concealed or retracted penis)
  • Calluses (plaques) on the penis

What Makes Phallosan Forte Different Than The Other Penis Growth Products?

In many ways the principles of penis growth systems are similar by using different forms of stretching to stimulate the penis tissue into forming new cells by cell division. The cell division process is known to increase blood flow to the new cells which in turn increases size.

The difference with Phallosan Forte is that instead of using a device like a penis extender for this process, it uses an almost unnoticeable vacuum system that can be easily worn for 10 hour periods with no inconvenience to your daily life and stretches safely and gently.

The system is not only comfortable to wear, but you never have to worry about it falling from the pants and creating an embarrassing moment like so often with other penis extender type products.

Phallosan is a wonderful painless system that can easily be worn at night and fluctuates during time of possible erection. You don’t have to worry about circulatory issues or risk of injury like you would with other penis growth systems.

I will get more detailed shortly on how it works, but first id like to mention again that it carries the CE symbol and conforms to the EC Council Directive 93/43/EEC. Phallosan also satisfies Standards En ISO 10993-1, EN ISO 14971 and EN 980.

The specially designed belt is of stretch type and is formaldehyde free, and the materials within the system are well tolerated and tested for biocompatability. The counter support of the specially designed textile stretch belt are designed with medical foam silicone, and the clip is nickel-free. The condoms used for suction are of a bell shaped design and free of allergen and latex.

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The Principle Behind Phallosan Forte And How It Works?

protector capThe natural and painlessness of this type of penis vacuum pump system allows you achieve maximum gains with being able to wear it for up to 12 hour intervals.

You don’t have to worry about slippage as the glans are harnessed behind a negative pressure vacuum suction bell causing considerable growth.

Also, the belt has no limitation on adjustment. All components of the system are easily sanitized and if needed can be easily replaced individually.

With Phallosan’s new design of there protector cap there is no risk of swelling or redness of the foreskin and glans if the suction is increasingly high. There is a slight pressure on the surface tissue much like a jet pilot suit or compression stocking.

Success rate can now be achieved much quicker where as the tension can now be increased. Watch the video demonstration below to see how it works.

Results In Length And Girth

Though Phallosan Forte is recommended for a variety of reasons, you can achieve permanent results in penis length and girth in just months of proper use. For successful results new cells must be formed in the cavernous body within the penis.

This is achieved through the vacuum and tensile force of the system. Over a period of several months of regular use, the penis the newly formed cells allow for penis growth in both length and girth. The results are permanent even after discontinued use of Phallosan.

Gains between 0.8-1.2 inches can be achieved in just a few months. The simple formula for for success of wearing Phallosan over several months is as follows:

3 (months wearing) plus X= permanent new cell formation, so that the effect is a permanent increase in length and girth

What Does The Media Have To Say About Phallosan Forte?

phallosan mediaThe Phallosan Forte pump has been featured in many magazines and newspapers such as Men’s Health, Medical Practice Urology Nephrology, Manner magazine and the medical tribune, just to name a few.

The product was also featured on television shows, one of such being a popular show in Germany called the “Brisant” show where a man tells about his positive Phallosan Forte reviews and attests to the effectiveness of using Phallosan.

Penis Development Device Comparisons

While searching the internet, you may have already come across the many different devices and products for penis enlargement, enhancement, and curvature correction.

One of the more popular types of systems uses a form of traction with telescopic tension rods and a strap or noose behind the glans of the penis known as a penis extender or telescopic extender.

These products are known to have a great success rate if used properly, but are often uncomfortable to wear, can slip off, and not always discreet when worn.

In many cases it’s hard to get maximum success with a penis extender of this type, as some of the discomforting can keep you from wearing it for long periods of time. If a device is uncomfortable, chances are you aren’t going to wear it.

The Phallosan vacuum pump is a highly discreet device using an elastic belt around the waste that uses a vacuum condom applying even suction pressure over the entire penis, and is so comfortable to wear you wont even know you have it on.

It can easy be worn at night and for longer periods of time giving you that maximum penis growth potential. Also, you never have to worry of it falling off as it’s securely strapped around your waste.

Both types of penis enlargement devices are very effective and give permanent results over time, but when making a choice between the two you can clearly see why the Phallosan Forte penis vacuum pump has become a popular choice amongst many for penis growth and corrective issues.

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